Meet Hadassah-Israel

Meet Hadassah-Israel

hadassah history21983 – Rose Joshua elected first National President. Hadassah-Israel officially recognized as an Amuta. Eight English-speaking chapters – Arad, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Jerusalem, Herzlia, Haifa, and Rehovot - and one Hebrew-speaking chapter - Jerusalem - established. First Hadassah-Israel Mediscope.

1984 – 2nd Annual Mediscope. First National Fundraiser. Pediatric Department at Hospital in Ein Kerem adopted by Jerusalem Chapter. Haifa Chapter purchases horse for the children at Ramat Hadassah Szold Youth Aliya village. National Mifgash.

1985 – Hadassah-Israel welcomes HWZOA Midwinter Conference. Two new Hebrew-speaking chapters – Rehovot and Arad – established. Third Annual Mediscope. National Mifgash. Hadassah-Israel undertakes a program of assistance for Teaching Staff in Hadassah Pediatric Depts.

1986 – Annabelle Yuval elected 2nd National President. Two new Hebrew speaking chapters – Netanya and Tel Aviv - established. Annual Mediscope and first National Conference. Shirley Brown appointed Chairperson of National Health Education Committee. Stop Smoking Campaign begins.

1987 – Hadassah-Israel embarks on intensive traffic safety campaign with emphasis on compulsory infant car seats and compulsory seat belts for everyone. Annual Mediscope. Hadassah-Israel accepted for membership in the Council of Women’s Organization in Israel.

1988 – First Special Gifts Tea. New English-speaking chapter organized in Karmiel. Annual Mediscope. Campaign to reduce smoking in Hadassah hospitals. Hadassah-Israel undertakes to supply a list of equipment requests for the Pediatric Departments at the Hadassah Medical Centers.

1989 – Sylvia Mehlman elected 3rd National President. Annual Mediscope. Largest commitment to date to HMO – raising funds for a colorflow Dopper Echo-Cardiagraph for the Pediatric Cardiac Dept. First National Raffle.

1990 – Special Gifts “High Tea”. Annual Conference and Mediscope. Funding the salary for one year of the coordinator of Hadassah’s Heart Transplantation Program.

1991 – National Klita Committee appointed. Annual Conference and Special Gifts “High Tea”. National Seminar on Ecology and Recycling. Jerusalem Study Group wins Hadassah USA Education Award.

1992 – Ora Sela elected 4th National President. First National Education Day. Mediscope, National Conference. Mechina program to prepare Ethiopian olim for matriculation at Hadassah College.

1993 – Annual Conference celebrates Hadassah-Israel’s 10th anniversary. New Hebrew speaking chapters formed in Sharon and Haifa. Klita accepted as national fundraising project. New Civic Affairs goals: Help for battered women; lobbying for relief for agunot, lobbying for passage of a Patients’ Rights Bill. Kelinor Karpas, initiator and Chairperson of the Mechina Program awarded the Presidential Citation for Voluntarism by President Chaim Herzog for her work with Olim.

1994 – National Breast Cancer Detection Campaign. Activities on behalf of agunot, ecology, municipal recycling projects, children at risk, campaign for helmets for bicycle riders and road safety campaign. National Raffle. Annual Spring Conference.

1995 – Hinda Bricklin Gross elected 5th National President. National Cancer Detection Campaign with free clinical breast examinations at different locations in Israel. Mediscope, Special Gifts Event, Hosting HWZOA’s National Convention in Israel.

1996 - Ongoing activities: annual National Conference, Road Safety, Henrietta Szold
Museum, Special Gifts Event on behalf of Children at Risk, Study Day on Health – Medicine – Economics – Ethics at Bar Ilan University. Hadassah-Israel represented by Annabelle Yuval at the UN Women's Conference in Beijin, China.

1997 - Breast Cancer Walkathon; First year of Headstart Program for Children of Ethiopian Olim in Kiryat Moshe, Rehovot. 2nd year of the Women’s Health Dialogue, Opening of Da’at – Health Information Service

1998 – Moadoniot Program – after school enrichment program for children at risk inaugurated. MERED campaign for Road safety holds all year events all over Israel. Award from the Minister of Environment to Hadassah-Israel for activities in the area of environmental education.

1999 – Shoshana Israely elected 6th National President. Annual Conference of Environment held in Haifa. Annual Conference featuring dresses made of recycled materials. Dedication of Hadassah-Israel Forest at Zomet Golani. Women’s Health Data Book published.

2000 – Annual Conference dedicated to Prevention of Violence against Women. Courses for Community Health Facilitators launched. HeadStart program holds first summer camp. New Hebrew speaking chapter in Petach Tikva. Mediscope. Organization of and operation of children’s library at Mother and Child Center at Hadassah Ein Kerem.

2001 - Phyllis Levinson elected 7th National President. Hadassah-Israel organizes the “Smoke Free” Coalition. “One Woman to Another’ breast cancer awareness program for Russian –speaking women is begun. $150,000 is contributed to Hadassah Hospital for renovating the Ophthalmology Clinic at Ein Kerem.

2002 - One new Hebrew speaking chapter –"Mor" – Modiin-Maccabim-Reut. New English speaking chapter Nachama, in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem. First Annual Conference in Be’ersheba in the Negev. Health promotion programs including “To Save a Life” – a campaign to sign Organ Donor Cards. Yearly Mediscope concentrates on stress.

2003 - National Conference celebrating Hadassah-Israel’s 20th Anniversary. Child at risk expands to 11 Moadoniot. “Coffee and Conversation” project for abused women begins. Special Gifts Event held at home of the US Ambassador to Israel with proceeds for the Pediatric Emergency unit at the new Center for Emergency Medicine at the Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem.

2004 - Miriam Griver elected 8th President. Annual Mediscope focuses on heart health and Prevention of heart diseases among women. The first national Walkathon on behalf of the Neonatal Unit of the Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus. The Hinda Bricklin Gross z”l Library is opened at the Center for Women’s Health in Beit Shemesh.

2005 - Health Study Day on “Women Living with HIV in Israel” and launching the “Light from One Mother to Another” project in cooperation with the HIV Center of HMO. Two new Hebrew speaking chapters established in Beersheba and Rishon le Zion. Hadassah-Israel website launched. Approval received from US Health Department to adopt their “Heart Truth” program in Israel. Annual environmental study day held in cooperation with Hadassah College.

2006 - Special Gifts Dinner with proceeds for Stem Cell Research at Hadassah Hospital. Annual Walkathon, Mediscope and Environment Conference. Award of Excellence for Hadassah-Israel’s Women’s Health Programs given to President Miriam Griver by Hadassah US Department of Women’s Health.

2007 - Norma Potashnick elected 9th National President. Women-at-Risk and Children-at-Risk Programs combined. Strategic Planning Committee formed to plan for next 25 years. Operational make-up of Hadassah Israel being implemented to allow for greater interaction between the Chapters and the Jerusalem office with three of the six Vice-Presidents working as Regional Coordinators. Bulletin printed in-house. Website begins functioning.

2008 - Hadassah-Israel offices are downgraded, and manpower of the office is reduced due to the Madoff crisis.

2009 - Special donation event marking the centenary of the city of Tel Aviv.

2010 - The Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Parade is held in Jerusalem in cooperation with 11 associations from all over the country. The Annual Conference theme is Immigration, with the participation of Mr. Yitzhak Navon, former President of Israel.

2011 - Margalit Ziman is elected 10th President of the organization. Fundraising event at the Einav Center for the Department of Osteoporosis at Hadassah. General Assembly of the Supreme Court and the Knesset of Israel. A project to provide food for at-risk youth at Hadassah-Neurim is initiated

2012 HWZOA Centennial Celebration is held in Jerusalem, Orthopedic Project at Hadassah hospital.

2013 - Project for Life Saving Equipment for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Leadership Workshop for the organization's membership in the Begin Museum.

2014 - Rachel Oren was elected 11th President of the organization. Preparation of a work plan for the chapters, updating of the Treasurer's file, updating of the Rules of Governance, national board meetings combined with culture / museum visits. Marking the International Women's Day.

2015 - Computerization of the office and its adaptation to contemporary technology. International Women's Day, National Board Meeting in Karmiel, with a trip to the Upper Galilee, conference on Zionism.

2016 - From 2014-2017, NIS 865,900 was transferred to Hadassah Hospital (of which NIS 471,000 is for life saving equipment for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). Preparation of a portfolio for the organization: Characterization of projects, definitions of roles and new procedures. First Gender Conference on Women's Health in cooperation with Hadassah Hospital, Renewal of the National Bulletin.

2017 - Nira Greenstein, current president, was elected as the organization's 12th National President. A leadership workshop for the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee, meetings in conjunction with museum culture, the Executive Board hosted by the Rehovot Mayor's Office, continued fundraising for the premature baby project, and Prof. Bar Oz hosts Hadassah-Israel members in the Neonatal Unit at Mt Scopus.

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